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Plunex Production offers quality film production house in Dehradun. For more than two decades, we’ve been rendering film-making services to our clients in the multimedia, entertainment as well as advertising industries. Whether you want to make a short or long movie, a television show or series, product promotion videos, or other commercial videos, at Plunex Production, we do just that for you. Our experienced team can ensure that all aspects of the film-making process are executed smoothly and also help with everything you would require throughout the different stages of film production. Our film production services in Dehradun are fully customizable and we adapt to the requirements of every client and project.

Your Video Production, Our Vision

When you make music videos, artists work hard and put in a lot of time, effort, and money for their music videos. It begins with picking the best locations for your video shoot ad and then hiring a cinematographer to record a song’s video. It is seemingly just an unimaginable amount of artwork that needs to be artistically brought together in a less than 5-minute video piece. This is where Plunex Production steps in right before all artists, cinematographers, and directors to assist in the creation. Our music video editing service brings your footage together, syncs it up with audio, applies audio and amazing video effects, grades the colors of the footage beautifully, and uses music video that is worth changeover to give a final edit with background score and sound design service that noticeably justifies your music/song videos. Editing your music video is followed by the post-production process, which gives a finishing touch to the video before its release.

Music Video Production Service in Dehradun

Genres, Concept, and Expertise

At Plunex Studio, we are not limited to specializing in just one type of genre in music video production. We work with artists whose musical genres include pop, hip hop, rock, jazz, soul, electronic, indie, classical, devotional, and more. With our team’s expertise and a compelling concept, making music videos for artists has never been as amazing as with the rest.

Our Approach to Ad Film Production

An innovative process not only requires imaginative minds for unearthing tempting ideas and visions but also equally competent teams that can turn concepts into reality. The Plunex is the best Ad film production service which has a complete team of researchers, authors, cinematographers, directors, editors, and other video production staff who work jointly in excellent proportion to deliver fantastic results. We think that an idea is of worth only if it is performed flawlessly.

Hence from client brief to generation of an opinion and its execution. Our clients are usually updated about our planning and decisions, which sets the entire team on the exact carrier. While there are various types of Ad filmmakers, our procedure is more client-pleasant and outcome-oriented, this procedure has made us the best Ad Film Production House in Dehradun. So, if you require some assistance in Ad film production which can grow your business to further heights.

Why are we the Best Short Film Production House

The world of media is complete with films and videos, but only a few of them have made their place in the mind of consumers. The purpose of our production house is to make a better competition, in terms of the content that is provided to the consumers and this objective encourages us to keep a high quality of effort and investment in our short film production.

We only utilize high-quality and modern equipment at our production house to assure an easier and quicker filmmaking process. At Plunex Production, we understand that our clients want impactful messages a film that can be stunning and entice customers therefore, we combine all the needs to form a unique work of art that appeals to our target audience. We integrate the insights of consulting with the performance, to feed long-term communication resolutions to our clients that they adore and take satisfaction in. This touch helps us to understand our client’s necessities and requirements and assists us to make specifically designed and exceptional content served with originality and expertise. Our clients hold leading importance in our company’s value system. We are experienced in creating any type of content, be it short films, documentary films, trailers, and TV commercials.

Music Video Production Service

Documentaries Film Production Win the Hearts of Your Audience

Documentaries Film can make up a way to know about history in a very impressive manner when the same points are shown in the formation of motion pictures. With the assistance of Documentaries Film Productions, we get interested and know quickly and effectively because it contains art, music or motion picture, or various ideational things that assist to catch people’s attention.

There are several Documentary filmmakers in India at this time. But there are few skilled Documentary film production who can you trust for providing the expected outcomes while shooting documentary films. We are one of the well-known film production service in Uttrakhand known for their amazing & stunning performances.

We have made certain classic series, for different associations to change the approach of their client and customers view them differently. Our Documentary video maker professionals focus to show the subjects uniquely through modern technology and create various videos as per your need. Get in touch with our auditor to get an excellent documentary film for you or your alliance.

Animated Video Production Company- Creative & Effective Video

The Plunex is the best-animated video agency in Dehradun. We are a leader in Audio & Video Production service with an experience of over many years. We know how to form eye-catching, stunning, animated video production simply what your brand requirements. We can assist your company by making content that is aligned with your marketing techniques to improve visibility, brand awareness, and assumed leadership to generate more leads and recite customers for your business.

Animation is an art that we have perfected over the years. With a lot of happy and satisfied customers who have valued and appreciated our animation work as marketing keys, we have made several videos that have exited a great impact on the minds of the audiences. Our concept with our videos is easy to Communicate. We describe to the audience what your brand is all about and the special value that your products and services offer.

Our effort is to highlight why your organization should be considered over your rival and that is how we deliver the best quality service that works every time for your brand. From the stage of discussion and conception to scripting storytelling, animation, and music choosing to the final product outcomes and to website upload, we like to do our job with pure perfection. Our aim is to design strategies and workflows to provide services of the best quality within the fastest time frame at reasonable prices.



Before creating any type of video, careful planning, script, casting, location, equipment, considering the video’s vision, etc. play a key role in the operation. We make all this reliable for artists. Our team can make a solid foundation upon which to build your message to the audience through your video production. This also involves having different video production services, like creativity and details. Having a well-thought-out conception with a script can help understand the story nicely. The details involve how to turn the ideas into an excellent video.


A well-edited video clip can especially create all the difference when it comes to reaching popularity, connecting with your motive, and impressing your record brand. Our Film production services include advanced visuals and sound effects, color grading, fancy transitions, gorgeous title effects, shake removal, cutting and adding music in the right timing, audio sync, and much more! We can provide Film files in cinematic, 4K resolution, MP4, MOV, and more.


Video production involves the actual video shoot for your shoot video or a song. This is not a one-man job, therefore, a lot of highly-experienced professionals are needed to team up in the procedure. We perform with camera operators, photographers, audio engineers, make-up artists, production assistants, and so on, to form professional music videos, short videos, and all kinds of videos. Utilizing the latest technologies and creative insights, our team of experts puts in their best efforts when working on your assignments. The outcomes are extremely satisfying.


At Plunex Studio, our professionals assist you with post-production for your Ad film production to make them look presentable and eye-catching. The services include file management, video editing, motion graphics or animation, recording voice-overs or voice acting, audio music mastering, color grading, podcasting, and delivering your Ad film to the right audience. If you want to get innovative visualization of your Ad films, then we’ll assist you perfectly to make a story that visually represents yours Brand.

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