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Plunex Production offers quality film production services in Dehradun. For more than two decades, we’ve been rendering film-making services to our clients in multimedia, entertainment as well as advertising industries. Whether you want to make a short or long movie, a television show or series, product promotion videos, or other commercial videos, at Plunex Production, we do just that for you. Our experienced team can ensure that all aspects of the film-making process are executed smoothly and also help with everything you would require throughout the different stages of film production. Our services are fully customisable and we adapt to the needs of every client and project.

Your Music, Our Vision

When making music, artists work hard and put in a lot of time, effort and money for their music videos. It begins from picking the best locations to hiring a cinematographer to recording video to the song. It is seemingly just unimaginable amount of artwork that needs to be artistically brought together in a less than 5-minute video piece. This is where Plunex Production steps in right before all artists, cinematographers, and directors to aid in the creation. Our music video editing service brings your footage together, syncs it up with audio, applies audio and video effects amazingly, grades colors of the footage beautifully, uses music video worth transitions to give a final edit that noticeably justifies your music/song. Editing your music video is followed by the post-production process, which gives a finishing touch to the video before its release.

Music Video Production Service in Dehradun

Genres, Concept, and Expertise

At Plunex Studio, we are not limited to specializing in just one type of genre in music. We work with artists whose musical genres include pop, hip hop, rock, jazz, soul, electronic, indie, classical, devotional, and more. With our team’s expertise and a compelling concept, making music videos for artists has never been as amazing as with the rest.

Maximizing Your Music Videos with Potential and Professional Editing Skills

Music videos are not merely a piece of entertainment. They also serve as the creative and marketing tool for an artist/musician. It is through music videos that artists and musicians convey creative expressions, while also drawing the attention of the audience and encouraging them to connect with the artist. A good music video has the potential of creating unlimited memorable visual experiences. It also contributes to a song’s promotion, success, and of course, sale. So, creating a perfect music video really counts out there!

Our team of expert editors at Plunex Studio are able to comprehend the nuances and make even a simple music video rise above the ordinary. To achieve this, our proficient team puts their skills to the test. Our experts not only make use of the usual editing techniques, such as, adding special effects, looping, merging, colour grading, adding transitions, sound, etc., but also implement distinct tuning, like hand-made doodles that come to life via animation into a music video. Get in touch with us today and explore the ways to take your music videos to the next level of awesomeness!

A Video Can Add Value to Your Music!

We can edit your footage in the way you would like to be transformed into something uniquely creative and professional. Plunex Studio is committed to providing High Definition (HD) cinematic and professional video editing services. We can also edit a high-quality music video, including rap, R&B, and hip hop and music videos for artists and our clients. Our team of music video editors at Plunex Studio is dedicated to make your experience of music video post-production a lot easier and appreciating. All that we require from you is the footage, your selection of songs, and the estimated length for the music video if any. Whether you want to make a 3-minute music video or of more lengths, you can simply outsource it all to us and we’ll create it for you the way you had imagined. We produce great music videos for your songs. Your music can gain more value by having a video. We can also help you create a favorable story that visually represents your song. We not only ensure faster turnarounds, but our team also puts in their effort until you are fully satisfied with the project.

Music Video Production Service

Create Bigger Impressions and Win the Hearts of Your Audience

Explore the power of music video editing and production to create greater impressions among your audiences, online or offline. When it comes to creating music videos that could create an opportunity for you to win your audiences’ hearts and live in their minds for a long time, proper editing and post-production make all the difference. Threading together footage and adding your song to it may just not be enough to impress your audiences. There’s also a need for powerful video editing, which is an essential ingredient in every successful music video. And, that’s exactly what we, at Plunex Studio, put in when working with artists and clients. Over the years, we have worked with several artists and musicians, and we have everything it takes to create music videos that are entertaining, engaging, and memorable. Our team of professional video editors performs their tasks efficiently and with great care. Such tasks include re-arranging, merging, color grading, looping, transitions, sound, special effects, and so forth. These professionals also ensure the final cuts align with your artistic vision and goals.

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Take Your Music Videos to The Next Level

The objective of creating a music video is to complement both the music and the vision of the artist/musician while ensuring all the essential editing strikes the right chord with the audience. This can be achieved when you’re in the deft hands of professionals who can help your music video get the right qualities that would not only please your fans, this could even boost your popularity and bring in the eyes of major sound artists, musicians, and record labels. At Plunex Studio, our team has been working with artists and musicians for several years. The team also understands all the requirements and challenges when producing captivating music videos that stay in the minds of the audience for a long time. You can take your music videos to the next level with our expert video-creating techniques and special effects, multi-song mixes, looping, etc., to deliver a perfectly impressive final release.

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Before creating any music video, careful planning, script, casting, location, equipment, evaluating the video’s concept, etc. play a key role in the process. We make all this easier for artists. Our team can create a solid foundation upon which to build your message to the audience through your song. This also involves having different music video production services, like creativity and details. Having a well-thought-out concept with a script can help understand the story better. The details involve how to turn the ideas into a polished music video.


A well-edited video clip can significantly make all the difference when it comes to achieving popularity, connecting with your fans, and impressing your record label. Our music video production services include advanced visuals and sound effects, colour grading, fancy transitions, gorgeous title effects, shake removal, cutting and adding music in the right timing, audio sync and much more! We can provide video files in AVI, MP4, MOV, WEBM and more, ready to be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many other online streaming platforms.


Video production involves the actual video shoot for your song. This is definitely not a one-man job, therefore, a lot of highly-skilled professionals are required to team up in the process. We work with camera operators, photographers, audio engineers, make-up artists, production assistants, and so on, to create professional music videos. Using the latest technologies and creative insights, our team of professionals put in their best efforts when working on your projects. The results are remarkably satisfying.


At Plunex Studio, our professionals help you with post production for your music videos to make them look presentable and eye-catching. The services include file management, video editing, motion graphics or animation, recording voice-overs or voice acting, audio music mastering, colour grading, podcasting and delivering your music video files at right plateforms. If you really want to get creative visualisation of your music video, then we’ll help you correctly to create a story that visually represents your song.

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