Film Making

Film making is the art and process to make or produce a motion picture guided by the director. In this whole process, everything is included like the story, dialogue, acting, and music as well. Through film making the director shows and serve the set of entertainment package which includes emotions, dramas, music, story to the audience with his point of view to entertain the world.

We at Plunex studio also help people to produce their own projects with quality cinematography and kinds of music. We produce a lot of quality content over the past years. We had some collaborations with the big studio to assist them with the songs and commercial shoots in past. 

As a leading Film production house in Dehradun, we are shooting commercial ads, songs, and short videos for the client. If you want to see our work then you can check out our social media handle where we post our short clip of the project and also check our youtube channel where we already post more than 40 videos and get appreciation from the audience. 

Plunex studio is dedicated to providing excellent music video production services to clients.

Our Mission

To promote, encourage, and boost the authentic skills of music. Plunex Studio helps people to showcase their skills and extraordinary talent to show other people.

Our Vision

That all generations will come to know, be inspired, and converted via way of means of the Legacy, Sound, and unprecedented cultural and social effect of Plunex.

Films and media

Films and media

We have a dedicated team of professionals covering all aspects of film making. We have years of experience in video making, our videos are designed with a crisp edit attuned to its audio.

Events and Celebrations

Events and Celebrations

Full video coverage of all types of events, such as birthday parties, wedding photography and videos, events, awards functions, and any other beautiful celebration or event of your life, to make them memorable with professional videography by specialists.

Weddings and Pre-Weddings

Short Films/Videos

Our expert videography team creates polished, professional-looking short films(video) like film teasers, advertisement films(videos), e-commerce ads, and many other types of short films. We have a lot of experience in making short videos with graceful effects.

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  • Properly drafted Screenplays.
  • A hard-working team for Production Management.
  • Team of skilled DOP’s with latest technology cameras and equipment.
  • Fine Art Direction and property management.
  • Costumes and Make-up artists.
  • A team of experienced Editors for post-production.
  • Complete Sound design and Music department.
  • Music Mastering Service
  • Professional scriptwriters.
  • Music promotion advisers.
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we provide different types of services:

  • Video content production strategy
  • Production
  • Audio Recording
  • Pre-production
  • Post-production


Attracting and retaining recruitment video

Plunex offers a comprehensive range of recruiting video services. If you are searching for the best employees or candidates for your business and the organization then video is an extremely powerful tool for creating impact and appealing to the millennials. Each video you produce can be reversed to be suitable for any social media platform. We’d be thrilled to grow your idea all the way from concept and have specialist teams with expertise in this field that can help you attract, recruit, onboard and retain top-quality candidates as a full-service agency. So, discover what our recruiting video production services can help your organization to achieve in the recruiting process.

Marketing video production

A video is an excellent tool for communicating and conveying messages to a larger audience with a greater impression. Advertisers have long been able to demonstrate the correlation between the amount spent on marketing video and revenue. Sales and marketing videos have the potential to reach millions of consumers or businesses with quality, creative and strategic distribution. A video can boost conversions in sales, and build trust by which one time consumers may convert into loyal customers. If anybody wants to learn more about products or services then video marketing can be an impressive method to explain everything in just a few minutes of videos.

Social media video production

Everybody knows that nowadays social media is a very strong platform to spread anything quickly. And our experts help you in creating social media videos with effect-driven and strong appeal.  Because we know that  If you want to create your brand related to anything then you have to spread awareness and brand recognition, especially on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin. We create your videos as per your requirements on all the mentioned platforms, which is more creative than you think. We have a very talented team to achieve this aim.

Business culture videos

If you want to spread your culture, values, and purpose shape and build them in the way that people think and feel about your company or brand. Then, Plunex will help you to achieve this through their innovative and unique content, we build your culture, values, and purpose shape effectively. Videos can be your most effective tool to firmly establish your brand as top-of-mind. In the Plunex we have an experts team in various fields of media who are very extraordinary and creative, they know how to spread business culture in a very effective way.

Podcast production

Podcasting permits you to construct a near-dating together with your target market and the role of yourself as an idea chief for your field. Sometimes, we are good writers but we do not have such resources by which we can share our content with the listeners. But now this is not a concern because Plunex Studio filmmaker is always here to record and share your content. Plunex Studio filmmakers give cease-to-cease podcast offerings that assist you to deliver the message flawlessly to listeners. We can be video creators and shooting agency, however, we agree that the role of podcasting in the city’s parameters will help you to achieve your goals.

Charity video production

Plunex Studio Films Makers gives excessive first-rate charity video production offerings that assist you to deliver your message with bang-on impact. As a full-carrier organization, we’ll take your concept from idea to social cut-down, and concentrate on fundraising movies and emotive storytelling that opens hearts and wallets. Fundraising videos are an effective tool to succinctly get your message out. Take an examination of how we helped Guardian Gym proportion their tale and fundraise toward their outreach application that helps susceptible teens with confidence-boosting and health training.

Today, innovative videos with good content have a competitive advantage that made it strategically and consistently. Plunex Studio team has experience in film making or video making all across India. With the help of Plunex, you can get much more advantages with the eye-catching effects and message conveying videos. Plunex Studio has covered all types of film making and video making production with Charity video production, Podcast recording and production, Business culture videos, Social media video production, Marketing video production, and Attracting and retaining recruitment videos with effects-driven cinematography.

You want to inspire others to action. We want to help. We create videos for storytelling to connect the audience with a purpose delivering greater impact, and we’re really good at it. The Plunex video production company, we’ve grown into a multi-talented creative team dedicated to working with charitable nonprofits, associations, and mission-driven organizations. When you choose Plunex for film making then we give you extra benefits also. Plunex studio provides all its services in many cities of India like Hyderabad, Chennai, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bangalore, Tirupati, Noida, Greater Noida, Gwalior, Jhansi, Mathura, Aligarh, Vadodara, daman, Orissa, Bhubaneswar, etc. We are professional, award-winning, approachable, and passionate people who look at their very best!

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