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At Plunex, our team of professionals help you make your music sound perfect before its final release!

Artists and musicians that are looking for enhancing their songs/music with precision before making their track/album/music release-ready, Plunex Studio is the place to go in Dehradun. We have a team of passionate professionals and sound engineers who will coordinate with you in the studio so, sit back worry-free and be confident about your track as you are working with us in our studio who give their best throughout the process. Plunex Studio offers one of the industry’s best music editing and mixing services to aspiring artists, professional icons, and clients alike. All this is valued in your budget. Get started today!

Plunex is a leading music editing and mixing service provider, thus, it can help clients who have a variety of requirements. It possesses excellent expertise to produce high-quality music that moves with quick results. Holding worked with diverse consumers, we are conscious of the various challenges clients face.

Choosing the Right Audio Engineer for Your Song or Album

When it comes to working on sound recording and music production, we have a prior experience with top-class musicians that gave us immense exposure and expertise audio editing and mixing, involving the process in which individual track recordings are combined into a final mono, stereo, multichannel, or surround-sound format. Also, different levels, panning, and effects such as equalizer (EQ) and compression are added to the tracks in order to make them sound cohesive.

From getting you started with audio recording, then editing and mixing your tracks, and to the post-production phase, your song or album goes through a lot of preparation and processing, which also includes audio mixing, which enhances the final music before your track is finally ready for release/distribution. Plunex contains the best musical instruments & prepares awesome soundtracks with great editing & mixing.

 We are sharing some of the top qualities and skills of our team of music mixing engineers at Plunex:

  • Their extensive practice and knowledge in the field
  • Their focus on hearing and listening carefully to vocals and instruments
  • Their passion towards producing high-quality music for artists and clients
  • Their understanding in audio balance, effects, etc.
  • Their hands on the state-of-the-art technology
  • Their ability to bring out the feelings in music

Having the right audio engineer for your music project can surely make a significant difference in raw songs. From getting you started with audio recording, then editing and mixing your tracks, and to the post-production phase, your song or album goes through a lot of preparation and processing, which also includes audio mixing, which enhances the final music before your track is finally ready for release/distribution.

Create Your Music With Confidence

Our top-class and modern-day studio facilities and equipment provide both our sound engineers and artists/musicians with the finest pro gear and tools that help deliver quality mixes. Whatever style of music you wish to create, the spirit of our team is always high. Our popular styles include Pop, Devotional, Indie, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Rock, Electronic, Latin, House, Techno, Experimental, Ambient Film/TV/Web, Advertising, and Sound Design. So Plunex deployed all the musical instruments to produce for the right combination of styles.


Start recording your song from fresh in our studio, or bring your pre-recorded track for music enhancement with editing and mastering and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with our quality work


Our sound engineers edit and apply audio effects that give perfect quality to your single audio song or the entire album. Also, enhance the music by removing background noise and elevating clarity.


In mixing volume level, dynamics, and panoramic position to be done for the enhancement of music quality. Mixing vocals and instruments to seamlessly blend is what makes your single track or the whole music album sound great and ready for release!


After mixing audios your track is to be ready to release which sounds pleasant to the audience. So you can play and release on various platforms to get noticed. Play your track or album on any music player as well as on various online streaming platforms.


Plunex Studio differs from other mixing studios in that we understand our clients’ desire to make a name for themselves in the music industry. We understand the financial constraints that new artists face, thus we offer affordable services. We also understand that our clients do not want to be limited to a single song modification. Our customers expect a quick and consistent turnaround on their music projects. As a result, we understand that when our clients use our services, they will want all versions of their mix included.

The more outcomes you can mix, the more you can take benefit from a natural & smooth sound effect that takes place. Demand for individual products can change fairly a lot but they don’t all go up or down at the same time. The additional you can mix, the softer the overall take in demand from day to day. Better than the use of a particular microphone, more than whether you counted that one additional verbal layer or not, and much more so than mastering. The right mix will make your song pop out of the lecturers, sound clear and polished, and complete your song’s recorded elements. A Plunex mix can construct even a great performance sound muddy or mushy, make it lack urgency and clearness, and communicate like a demo or live recording.


Achieve a sound unparalleled to anything you have ever heard before. Our music experts are creative as well possess the idea of current trends and have a lot of new sound tunes.


Alternate versions of your mix such as instrumental, acapella, etc., can also be added to your package/order request so that your music attracts different moods and generations.


Mixed stems can be added to your order, which includes multiple instrument groups. It may also be ideal for remixing the track at a later date if you wish.


Stereo mix is the traditional method of mixing. All of our music editing and mixing service packages include state-of-the-art stereo mastering in various high-quality audio formats.


The initial turned around time given by our sound engineers to our clients’ music mixing is usually within 10 working days at the time of placing the order.


All of our music editing and mixing packages include revisions before the track/album release that guarantees you will be 100% happy with the end result.


Our team comprises experienced and talented sound engineers that help artists/musicians in delivering the exact sound they may have in their mind or can take the advice of the experienced team who helps you to create mind-boggling tracks.

Mixing Only

Mix single songs or an entire album with perfection that you plan to release. In the past, you might have felt the need to have your songs professionally edited, mixed, and mastered by an expert sound engineer at a recording studio. Today, the use of modern technology is becoming so widely available and affordable that with the right set of equipment but it needs the skill to use with creativity, it can all be done with better efficiency by our expert team. Thus, every artist can avail of the services which can help make their music sound professional and rich in quality. before music release

It’s possible to conduct the mix sessions virtually via online platforms, so make sure you provide your record audio files in the right format (e.g. WAV or AIFF) in order to carry out the operations. It saves lots of time which you use for rest things like marketing and promotions. Once you agree with the sound engineer on how you feel fit to attend, then during the mix session the output of the system will be mirrored and streamed with you. So, you can work comfortably with our professional sound engineer from anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, without physically being at the recording studio.

Editing & Mixing Music

Our proficient sound engineers at Plunex Studio curate your single track or an entire album with immersive audio, timing, tuning, applying effects, and so forth. It needs software to edit, mixing, and master the audio. If you are an artist or musician in need of assistance in making your track/music sound very professional, clear, and of rich quality, our services in audio editing and mixing are essential, yet competitive. However, only editing and mixing vocals and instruments with effects and tuning may not be everything. Upon carefully mixing your music, there is also a need for mastering, which is an entirely separate process altogether. And, we provide this service to our clients and artists/musicians, too. Music mixing and mastering are both separate operations that are carried out by our team of professional sound engineers at the studio. These are also crucial in order to complete the production process. This is also one of the reasons why you may often hear mixing and mastering of audio tracks during your sessions at recording studios.

Music Editing and Mixing Services in Dehradun

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