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A background score is a part of the music that is designed for the emotions and feelings of the story that can be heard in the background of the scene and enhance the total aura to the next level with the sound created. A soundtrack could be utilized to create a gloomy or light ambiance, as well as a dramatization or realization of a character. Our premium background score services are created for all entertainment purposes and businesses, whether it is required for your films, music, podcast recordings, TV or web series, social media content, advertisements, brands or product promotions, video games, and so forth. In addition, our professionals at Plunex Studio create authentic background music that can be played at shopping malls, spas, hotel lobby, restaurants, coffee shops, and several other places as well. We work with all types of music genres that will surely brighten any ambiance and mood of the listeners.

The world of music has changed with the change in taste of the young generation. We are actively committed to giving the highest quality background score/music composition services to artists and clients all over India as one of the leading studios in the music, art, and entertainment sector. Our services are delivered by a team of highly trained professionals who use top-of-the-line equipment, cutting-edge technology, and unrivaled knowledge. We deal with all of the new trends and other issues that arise. Our professionals check all the quality parameters associated with this service and perform the tasks in the best possible manner. We offer our services as per the requirements of our clients and at the most affordable price.

If you’re looking for getting the best background score/music composition services for your projects, Plunex Studio has all the skills, tools, facilities, and a team that can help enrich your purpose.

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Hire Professional Background Score Composers at Plunex Studio

At Plunex, we focus on providing artists and clients with excellent services for background scores to make an impact on the emotions and feelings of the story. Our aim is to provide perfect creations in the industry and enrich the art of music and cinema with a fresh perspective and a wider variety. We help artists/singers/musicians define their skills and ability to get a successful carrier in the entertainment industry and manage all the businesses that come with entering the music industry. Within a short period of time, we have gotten the top position to become one of the best music studios in Dehradun.

Our professional background score/music composition services include, but are not limited to the following:

Live Show Organizing Services in Dehradun
Music Editing and Mixing Services

Over the last years, we have created numerous audio compositions of varying genres for our clients and artists, as well as for our own home production as well. You can check out the videos on the social media platform Youtube. All our musical compositions are wholeheartedly appreciated and given a thumbs up by our audiences throughout India. We have composed to entertain all types of music lovers from distinguishing generations.

Have your background music composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by our professional sound engineers at Plunex Studio, one of Dehradun’s best music studios. Book your project with us today! You can reach us on our phone [+91 8006777253 | +91 8006777254] and e-mail [], as well as on our social media platforms.

Why Plunex Studio?

Background score is not just the music but it play a very important role in every video to stir the emotion and the different mood type like funny, suspense, sad moments, mysterious etc. Plunex Studio is our in-house pro studio that offers both aspiring and professional artists and musicians the needed facilities, equipment and a team of experts to help create, mix, and master songs/music of any genre and making them ready for release. Our studio provides the right team of professionals, sound engineers and managers to assist you throughout your recording sessions, and put your ideas to make you satisfy that you are at moving at the right direction with the right studio. Plunex recording studio is a premiere audio recording studio who worked with the some famous artists and also serve the post production facility in Dehradun as well as other cities. Our team at Plunex Studio is very flexible in customising the efforts required to be put into action. As your virtually extended team, we pay close attention to all the set-up which is assign to the subordinates. All this right from materials, audience management, timings, plans, AV/Visuals, Events venue, Plays, Music, Awards, Fabrications, Engaging activities, Staging, Artist Management to other fun and feedback activities, we can cover them all. We aim to create high quality music compositions that are pleasing to the ears with all styles of music to cover each age groups and choices whether it is classical or remix. If you are a ready-to-go band, making demos, looking to produce a finished single song or an entire album, or you are a singer/songwriter who wants ideas, we can help you compose, record, mix, dub, master, and stream right here at our studio. Plunex provides you a services with an affordable price and value for money music composition service where you can focus on creating great music in a totally comfortable environment. And, of course, at the end of your time with us, you will definitely leave with a superb quality composition and recording of your all your songs/music for your listeners around the world.

How Our Background Score Composition & Production Studio Works

At Plunex, we offer background score/music composition and production services at an affordable price, which includes working with a team of professional sound engineers and producer. Our music composition and production services are also perfect for aspiring as well as iconic singer-songwriters, musicians and artists that are looking to create their own original music piece for releasing them commercially. We also offer our services to artists who already have their own music compositions but find it challenging to complete the song or project. Sometimes, a fresh ear and some additional production are all that’s required to push your song/music to completion. Plunex Studio does it best! Our numerous services include programming, arranging, beat making, music composing, recording vocals, live instruments played, if needed, as well as all the technical experience to obtain all the sounds and production needed to take a song/music from its initial idea to finish. Plunex also conducts a group analysis to find out the preferences of your target audience to reach.


We have worked with numerous musicians, vocalists, and clients and are proud to form long-term trust. Check out our successful projects here.



At Plunex, we create some of the best pieces of background scores that are simply perfect for your project’s requirements. Whether you need such music for branding your business, advertising products, film teaser, climax scenes in films, or you want to add an intro and outro piece to your social media content, we’ve got you covered! Our background score compositions are always distinct and create an atmosphere according to the scene. Because background score enhances the storytelling fill with the emotions of different situations of the story scene.


Our team comprises skillful and passionate professionals who put their creativity to create perfect background scores for our clients. These professional music composers can add good vibes to set the right mood, with the music trends. Our professional creators produce background scores that can fit well on many genres of videos that our clients may require for their projects. Our professionals have good knowledge of the theme so that they can classify easily the mood of the scene. They ensure to create a sound pallette so that music and image complement each other.


Plunex Studio is a fully-featured recording studio that is equipped with every essential and critical gear. Our studio is a well-integrated recording studio set up for sound recording and dubbing purposes to finalization of the project. We provide superb studio facilities and recording software on the location. We also offer an array of online services such as vocal tuning, sound designing, mixing, mastering, and music production. Plunex, act as a one-stop-shop that gave all the facilities and services at the same place for the entertainment industry including music, filming, and photography under one roof.

Our Mission

We aim to promote, encourage, and boost the authentic skills of music in artists. Plunex Studio helps aspiring artists to showcase their skills as well as the extraordinary talents that such individuals want to show to other people around them.

Our Vision

We see in a way that both our present and future generations will come to know, be inspired, and transform better via means of the legacy, art, and unprecedented cultural and social effects that Plunex brings out to all.

Background Score/Music Composition Service Bookings, Packages, and Pricing

Tell us about your project preferences and requirements, so we can cater to you better. Our packages for rendering professional background score/music composition services are offered at reasonable rates and are affordable to everyone. Contact us and avail your bookings today!

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