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At Plunex Studio, we render services in photography and videography for weddings in Dehradun and in other cities in India, as well. Our team of professional photographers, videographers, make-up artists and staff can be hired for the duration that our clients require. Also, our in-house photography studio provides all the equipment, facilities and space needed for indoor photo shoots.

Best Wedding Photographers in Dehradun

No matter what the occasion it is, photos have become an essential part of everyone’s lives that never let the memories die. Similarly, your wedding photographs should be of the highest quality, taken by only the greatest professional wedding photographers. In Dehradun, we are one of the best wedding photographer service providers. We also provide pre-wedding photoshoot services to our clients throughout the city.

  • Pre-wedding Photo Shoot (indoor and outdoor locations)
  • Wedding Photography & Videography
  • Wedding Reception Party Photography & Videography
  • Also, all wedding ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations need professional photography

As Plunex Studio offers best-in-industry services, you can be sure that down the years, your memorable wedding pictures will make you feel the joy when you look back at those moments. We make sure that you have the best photos and videos taken by our professional and talented photographers and videographers throughout your wedding celebrations. By offering pre-wedding packages that are fully customisable and as per the requirements of our clients, we make sure that our clients are happy.

Best Wedding Photographers in Dehradun

Why Hire Wedding Photographers at Plunex?

Any wedding occasion may feel incomplete without photographs that capture those beautiful moments for everyone to remember. Such photos also makes the couple’s day one of the best memories that not only the bride and groom, but also their loved ones and friends can cherish for the years to come.We, at Plunex Studio, are your ideal wedding photographers in Dehradun. We have a team of professional photographers with contemporary approach at capturing every amazing moments of your wedding celebrations. And, to add more touch to your special moments, our professional photographers can also be hired for pre-wedding photo shoot and wedding reception party, too. All of your beautiful moments are captured with high-quality photographs that will surely bring smile on everyone’s face. Our professionals make sure that they capture the best of the most genuine moments from your special day so that the charm of your happiness also reflects. Plunex Studio makes your wedding celebrations a lot more memorable for you, and all those sharing happiness. You can hire our best professional wedding photographers in Dehradun and in various cities throughout India. Our team of creative and skilled wedding photographers have years of experience, and you can definitely count on them, and even us.We understand that our clients want the best services, therefore, we at Plunex, strive to cater to our clients with creativity, efficiency and convenience in mind, and budget-friendly deals.

Our Passion for Authentic Photography

Being one of the leading wedding photography service providers in Dehradun, we also rely on several resources that allow us to offer quality services to our clients. Our works are complemented with intricate detailing and in providing the best deals and packages that fits the needs of everyone.Our team comprise hard-working and passionate professionals with years of experience and in-depth knowledge in photography, videography, photo and video editing, so forth. This also includes having expertise in working on various angles and lights coupled with a keen eye for capturing authentic pictures. We make sure that those photos from your special wedding moments are larger than life, even when you leaf through them after many years.For the couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot, we can assist in selecting ideal locations in and around Dehradun. The region offers plenty of spots that are untouched, mesmerizing, and breathtaking. Our clients may also choose one or more locations to their liking, if they prefer so. For the latter option, the cost may vary depending on the availability of arrangements. Please consult with us via phone, e-mail, or on our social media platforms, if you need suggestions depending on your requirements.In addition to this, whatever preferences our clients may have, we offer individual and packaged services for hiring wedding photographers at Plunex Studio.


pre-wedding photography and videography sessions


Our pre-wedding photography and videography sessions for the to-be-wed couple lean towards artistic skills and inspired by the currently trending fashion. Through creative and authentic ways of lightings, backdrops, and photo editing, our experts produce elegant images. Photograph those ‘Mehndi’, ‘Sangeet’, ‘Baraat’, ‘Phera’, and ‘Vidaai’ moments that will look amazing. Our team of specialities are adept and their expertise in taking high quality photos are simply the best.


Wedding photography can be accompanied by videos that make your every moment even more grandeur. Our professional videographers create modern and cinematic wedding videography for all of your wedding rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations and also go through editing & mixing before they’re finally produced. Your wedding films are created by proficient videographers that give these moments a more personal touch with artistic selection and sweet memories for you to cherish seamlessly.


Wedding photography
expert photographers and videographers


Our distinct approach allow us to work alongside expert photographers and videographers without interruptions. We use modern technology and our unmatched skills further allow us to better cater to our clients.Our experts put in their creativity that will make your wedding photo and video albums stand out. When the photo and video shoot is complete, their albums are prepared with state-of-the-art technology and hard work. So, you can cherish those everlasting moments with your near and dear ones, everywhere and forever.


We cater the best in industry services, which include hiring professional wedding photographers in Dehradun. We are well-aware about how to beautify the amazing memories of your special events for you to look back and cherish them through the years. Our love for photography makes every occasion, including weddings, grander and memorable. We make possible all those joyful and emotional moments, and beautify them with quality photos, so you can enjoy those beautiful moments again through your wedding photo albums.

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