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Revive Your Special Moments with Our Best Photography Services.

A picture speaks for itself. Reliving your most precious and memorable moments through photos is certainly an integral part of everyone’s emotions these days. At Plunex, we make your every special occasion captured perfectly in beautiful photos, whether it’s your wedding celebrations, anniversary, party, live show performance, product photography for e-commerce or other indoor or outdoor social events. Our in-house photography services are rendered by a team of professional photographers who can add value to your joyous moments with high-resolution photos. The team at Plunex is specialized and can be hired for corporate event photography and product/brand photography, as well. Our skilled photographer will definitely mesmerize you.

Why Choose Plunex?

Plunex Production is based in Dehradun, but our professional services in photography and multimedia production are also rendered in various cities in India.

Our talented and expert photographers can be hired for any occasion, which includes but are not limited to the ones stated as under:

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Service

At Plunex, we strive to work with teams and partners that have several years of experience in their respective professions. This is necessary because our clients want the best services, and we work hard to deliver such services with creativity in mind. Because photography is not only the thing to click the photos but it needs eye capturing output with precision comprehension of the color exposure, background, and the best angles to click. We also cater to efficiency, convenience, and budget-friendly deals with our services.

Creative and Highly Skilled Photographers

Our team comprise professional photographers having years of experience and creative talents that showcase their abilities in this field. Plunex has do proper research on break-down, networking, preparation, post-production and set-up elements that make up the field of photography. Plunex use different techniques to create high-quality pictures, including artistic vision and technical knowledge of camera equipment and the art of photography. At Plunex, we make all the things not only possible but a lot more convenient for our clients, as well. Through us, you can hire the best professional photographers in Dehradun city. The skilled and talented team of photographers have years of expertise and in-depth knowledge in this field, and you can definitely count on them, and us, too.

Photos with Detail

Amidst all the grand arrangements and the tireless preparations, one cannot simply spare the thought of looking at those blurry, out-of-focus, and deliberate photos, candid photos right down their memory lane. This just spoils the whole mood of fun and flashbacks. It should not be like this. Photos have become an integral part of everyone’s lives, no matter what occasion it is. Similarly, your photos should be of the best quality and, of course, such pictures are taken by the best professional photographers only.With Plunex, you can be just a little more sure that down the years, your memorable celebration pictures will help you feel alive in the moments when you look back. We make sure that you have the best photos of your special moments taken by our creative and skilled photographers during the occasion. Thus, marking the memories of happiness and joy on everybody’s faces.

Hire Professional and Talented Photographers at Plunex

In addition to catering to the best-in-industry services, which include providing for-hire professional photographers within and beyond Dehradun city. We hired an experienced photographers team who has worked with many reputed firms and modeling agencies who know the precision of the photography. Our photographers know all the technicals of the modern camera which includes DSLR. We also render many services like wedding photography and product photography and fashion portfolio with music composition and video production as an art and entertainment production company. So, be sure to check out our website Plunex. in, where you will find various other services that we render to clients in various cities all over India. We are well-aware about how to beautify the amazing memories of your special events for you to look back and cherish them through the years. Our love for photography (and several others) is destined to us, with which we make every occasion, like wedding, a richer and grander social event. We make our way capturing all those joyful and emotional moments, and beautify them with quality photos, so that you can relive those moments again through your wedding or other event’s photo albums.

Manage Your Catalogue

Our photography services include:

  • Full-day, half-day and on-request photo shoots
  • Arrangement of essential photography equipment
  • High-Tech digital photography
  • Professional camera and lens kits
  • Professional lighting setup
  • Cameras with single-shooter and multi-shooter options
  • Professional photo editing, colour correction, retouching and more
  • Complete photo library access with full usage rights

We put our in-house and best in the industry professional photography services to work for our clients, and we are prepared for any occasion.



At Plunex, our team of proficient photographers can adapt really well when executing photoshoots at indoor and outdoor locations. Whether the preference is for indoor or outdoor photography, our clients can choose their favorite locations for their photoshoots, or let us pick the best locations that would be ideal for the kind of photo sessions being carried out. We arrange photoshoots of various events like weddings, engagements, and pre-weddings even model photoshoots if you want to need them for your products. 


Basically candid photography needs the photographer to be in ready mode and attentive because candid photos do not need the pose it is unrelated to the subject, especially at weddings and big events. Our professional photographers take elegant pictures using hi-tech cameras and cutting-edge technologies in our studio and in outdoor locations making for outstanding photography. Our skilled photographers carefully analyze every angle, direction, backdrop, object in focus, lighting, set-up, etc. to get the perfect pictures of you as well as the surroundings.


Using state-of-the-art technology used in editing photos, we will make your photos look captivating and rich in quality through our professional editing skills no matter whether your photo is related to wedding or fashion. Our photographers will add a perfect retouch and enhance various elements like body shape, and skin texture, remove any unwanted imperfections, and make your pictures look realistically edited. Our high-quality photo editing services also include color adjustment, skin smoothing, blemishes, stray hair removal, make-up correction, stylized color correction, airbrushing, fixing lighting issues, etc. Discover our service of photography, our expert photographer will deliver tremendous photos of your valuable and lovable moments.

Photography Service Packages, Bookings and Pricing

At Plunex, our professional photography services are offered to clients at affordable prices. Book your photo session with us today!