Live Show Organizing Services in Dehradun

Plunex is a well-known live show organizer and reputed film production house in Dehradun (Uttarakhand). We provide the best live music show-organizing services in Dehradun and across India. Our organizers have helped both aspiring and professional artists, and singers perform live shows on stage as musicians, live orchestra teams, and live band concerts across different cities of the country. We work with artists from all over the world who do a great deal of touring, some of which feature our kinds of music. When all the components and knowledge are combined, the result within the allotted time exceeds the stated expectations. Plunex event organisers specialize in the design & execution of live concerts, and live shows of big performances.

Therefore, Event operations and have extensive expertise in dealing with high-profile celebrities and Guests. Our team of professionals is capable of managing everything, including venue and logistics, catering management, celebrity management, and concert production services. We leave an impact on their minds which helps in recognition and branding. We have the skill of organizing a multitude of events for the required procedures. we have been able to substitute our client’s expectations by delivering entertainment projects and on-demand events.

Live Music Shows

A concert with a rich history passes swiftly and is great to see and experience. The successful completion of Live Concerts without a hitch requires careful preparation and execution of all operations. Organizing a live concert or show needs a good amount of time, manpower, instruments, and lastly the talented artist to keep the audiences engaged with their music, plays, and all the other elements. We have ten years’ worth of thorough reports to rely on for a satisfying experience at any kind of concert. Not only the outdoor concerts, but we do also have arrangements for lights and sound equipment at our disposal. We also have means to organize for any type of show or function whenever needed.

Live Show Organizing Services in Dehradun

Equipment and Set-up Availability

The inventory at Plunex Production contains all the gear required for roadshows and other significant events. Our clients have access to the full lighting and sound setup for all kinds of events.

Live Show Organizing Services in Dehradun

Management and Execution

The Plunex team executes a variety of events and shows flawlessly. For the same, we have a group of qualified service providers. This facilitates in effective management and execution of Operations.

Live Show Organizing Services in Dehradun

Plunex’s Team & Staff

Our team makes live concerts a hit with customized services. We assure the complete details about the task and purpose of the events and then organize accordingly and make proper planning as per the different requirements and needs. Our team of experts successfully conducted many successful music and entertainment events. And also assure a smooth event within the desired budget without compromising the quality of services. Our team pays also attention to every step of the setup. From materials, audience management, timings, plans, AV/Visuals, Events venue, Plays, Music, Awards, fabrication, Engaging activities, Staging, and Artist Management to other fun and feedback activities, we can cover all. We also customize our efforts to suit client requirements.

Hire Plunex Live Show Organisers

Managing a live concert is not that easy, it requires planning for a smooth event. Without proper planning and execution, these problems can make your show flop. Plunex production is a perfect solution for the problem of mismanagement at various live events. Our live show organizers can help you to resolve such challenges and all these hardships very skillfully. They handle all the responsibility for the live concerts from start to end. These are the professionals who further manage the entire work of the live show. They know how to shape an event or show with proper planning and coordination. Your live concert success is ensured with Plunex’s assistance.

Live Show Organizing Services in Dehradun
Why We are the Best Artist Management Company

We Render Services for These Types of Shows

At Plunex Production, we offer services for a wide range of shows such as:

Plunex has the most experienced and the best staff who can take care of any situation effectively. The job starts with selecting and hiring live musicians and singers who are skilled and trained artists or performers, with the consultation of the host of the music show. A live performance would not be complete without working musical instruments, so before any live concert performance is scheduled, our team is required to conduct a thorough inspection of the musical instruments. We maintain the audience seating area with the aid of the music show organizers. If you intend to host a live music performance, a band concert, a DJ show, or any other type of performance, then you have to do different tasks to manage these shows. But, Plunex is the one live-show organizing company that can carefully manage all the above-mentioned responsibilities for any given show without making any issues or problems with fulfilling customer assumptions. So, you can count on us.

Live Band Show

Being a trustworthy company and organizer in the competitive market, We specialize in providing services for live Band Shows and Live Orchestras. With the support of an excellent team of professionals and technical equipment like mixing boards, monitors, microphones, live boards, live mixing DAWs and many more, our services are provided in accordance with the customer’s requirements. We give our professionals the best training possible in order to hand clients the finest services.

Live Concert Organiser

Plunex professionals are very involved in organizing live concerts. We arrange live performances across the nation, not just in Dehradun. Within the allotted time, we offer these services in accordance with the requests made by the clients. Plunex Production has a significantly large team of talented, experienced, impressive, and new generations people performing as Sangeet Orchestra, Dance Choreographers, musical groups, International Band Players, and International Artists in Dehradun as well as in many cities in the country.

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