Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Service

You must have a fantastic model portfolio photoshoot to start your career as a model. it is important to have an attractive portfolio to showcase your talent & experience. Plunex creates a portfolio by taking professional candid & fashion photographs. Our experts unlock your photoshoot for modeling portfolio possibilities with great portfolio services. We ensure extensive and important portfolio expertise. Our professional team ensures just only the industry-acceptable quality of the images but also your position in the industry. Plunex expert team of immature & creative photographers, stylists, graphic designers, and makeup artists and a well-equipped professional photography photo studio in Dehradun, India.

Our experts offer the abilities and deep knowledge of professional photography to improve the quality of your photographs. The best equipment and skills cater to all types of photoshoot portfolio requirements. Our skilled editors and professional photographers know exactly how to make designs come to life and deliver images that talk for themself. We make an excellent portfolio of models, This will increase their chances many folds in the modeling industry. Our objective is to capture the natural features and expressions. We offer a true reflection of your qualities. Plunex suggested clients minimize the use of heavy makeup and too-styled hair.

Your Modelling Portfolio is a Step Closer to Your Successful Career

The model portfolio photographs can make or break your first impression and create all the difference in your career. Modeling a portfolio is not just a regular photo shoot. Modeling needs lots of training and planning for jaw-dropping photographs that reflect your versatility and style. your portfolio is your resume that a client, photographer, or magazine editor uses to judge you & your potential. Thus, when you have the perfect portfolio shoot as a model, you can be certain that opportunities will knock at your door. Be the one for exhibitions and presentations, a fashion model, an ad model photoshoot for advertising products, print media, and so forth, there are so many choices once you get to it.

Plunex is the best portfolio studio and provides a platform for aspiring models to assist them with not only jaw-dropping portraits but also guide them with:

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Service
  • Attractive Portraits
  • Fashion Portraits
  • High-resolution Images
  • Beautiful well-designed album on archival paper
  • Posing Tips
  • Online Marketing Tips
  • Candid Videography
  • Professional comp cards for self-promotion
  • With Plunex Production by your side and prepared with all requisites, you will not have to look elsewhere. Our passionate photographers and make-up artists will assist you in creating your perfect modelling portfolio.

Why Plunex Production is Your Best Bet

In today’s competitive industry, models need to present themselves in the possible light, showcasing their versatility and talent. They need professionals to showcase their skills and potential in front of the camera. When it comes to seeking portfolio photographers in Dehradun, plunex stands as the epitome of excellence. We help individuals who are passionate about modeling and want to enhance their skills in various fields such as audio, acting, modeling, photography, singing, video production, styling, make-up, and the list just goes on. We also have some of the best photography equipment for high-quality photographs. Plunex photography team has expertise in 1000+ photography sessions all across India. Plunex Studio offers top-tier photography including maternity photography, professional portfolio, standard portfolio, infants and children photography, couples sessions, and family sessions. We also manage events Photography, like ‘Mehndi Sangeet’, wedding parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, couple or family sessions, and corporate events.

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Service

Preparing Model Photo Portfolios

When shooting with professionals at Plunex, you’ll form stunning quality model portfolio photography. For your photoshoot session, we will call you and have a chat over the phone to develop your basic skilles. We will guide and show you how to pose on photo session day, in case you are unsure so that you look your absolute best!

Some types of portfolios that we offer are mentioned below. Please have a look.

Standard Portfolio

Thinking of beginning a modelling career? Maybe all you want to do is snap a few lovely pictures of yourself. Maybe you are unknown of the right angles and colour exposure for the modelling photographs then not need to take the stress. Our skilled team with technological knowledge provides professional photography with a couple of outfits, light set-ups, and poses, we have many alternatives to create pictures to showcase you at your best.

Professional Portfolio

If you are a person who is passionate about pursuing modelling or acting as a career, then you need a Professional Model portfolio. We can assist you in updating your current portfolio with fresh looks. Your creativity and foresight combined with our talent and creativity will give your portfolio the top-notch, professional appearance you desire. This consultation would require a pre-session to choose the right appearance and theme for you.

Infants and Children Photography

If you are taking pictures of your kids or babies while they are having fun, it will show how their personalities are brightening up for the photo shoot. But, young children don’t have the capability or proficiency to take posing directions. Children are extremely literal and exaggerated when posing instructions. Our professional photographers are very patient and enthusiastic and wait for the right expressions of the children and infants to enhance the quality of the photos with the right exposure and natural expressions because infant snapshots are not staged, rather, they are spontaneous, unscripted, and precious moments from the heart.

Maternity Photography

Nowadays, everyone enjoys preserving special moments, especially if they are about to become parents Plunex adores nature’s beauty and all the lovely things it brings to us. For the love of babies and photography, Plunex Studio explored both together and became a professional maternity, newborn, and baby photographer. The period of pregnancy is the most important time for any woman. Not only the women but all the family members are also excited. So, for those moments, we create loveable memories of your newborn baby and you. Plunex Studio specializes in Maternity photoshoots, Newborn, and Baby photoshoots.

Family Session

Plunex will provide you with professionals to take family photo sessions if you want exclusive family photo shoots. This photo session will be unique and special to you. Plunex knows about the importance of documenting life’s precious moments, especially those involving family gatherings. Plunex always assists people to form a collection of images that will be cherished for a lifetime. Your family portraits will be captured over a one-day session, shot indoors and outdoors.

Couples Session

For couples who will marry or get engaged to their loved ones. They would want to preserve those moments as priceless and delightful memories. So, by creating lasting memories through professional couple photo shoots, this is possible. Plunex can help you make an amazing scrapbook, photo album, or wall-hanging pictures of your time together. You can send or share the photos you like best with your friends, family, and even your children in the future. 

Create Your Portfolio The Way You Like It

Plunex likes assisting both new and seasoned models in developing their new looks. Even the most inexperienced model can feel at ease with us in front of the camera. We are approachable, accomplished, and professional. We enjoy enhancing people’s appearances to the fullest!

Image References

Photos can display concepts, attire, facial expressions, photographic styles, poses, settings, and lighting. This is crucial because it gives all of us—photographers, artists, and you—ideas for anything you might have for your photo shoot. Send us examples of hairstyles and makeup if you have any reference pictures of that you would like. Our artists will make you in the same manner as in the picture on the day of your photoshoot.


Our team focus on creating at least 4 outfits during our shooting time. It’s always a great idea to bring more options in outfits. If something isn’t working, this aids in matching the outfit for better exposure and colour coordination with the background. Items to be brought can include hats, scarves, shoes, boots, bikinis, dresses and others. If you choose a concept or find some online inspiration, this might help you choose clothing for your shoot.

Hair & Make-up

You can schedule our talented and seasoned fashion and model photoshoot makeup artist for your photoshoot to get better results. They will help you achieve the appearance you are going for. Plus, they will provide you with guidance based on their experience if you are unsure of the look or what style and look best suit your personality. Anyway, if you would like to schedule your stylist and makeup artist, kindly let us know.

Helpful Tips

There is a list of the types of shots you want to pose like posing in front of the camera, creating a headshot, looking away from the camera, and so on. Plunex also provides you with additional advantages that benefit your model portfolio when you choose us for photography. All of Plunex Studio’s services are offered to various cities, including Dehradun and all of north and south India.

Model Portfolio Packages and Pricing

Makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion photographers, fashion stylists, talent managers, high-end retouching, and our in-house model photoshoot agency database are all included in Plunex’s all-inclusive service for your model portfolio. This database helps our clients to browse model portfolios, shortlist models, and select their preferred model.

Our model portfolio photography packages are offered to suit the needs of all our clients, at affordable prices. Plus, we also provide wide choices like a one-stop shop that would make our clients feel a lot more relaxed and satisfied when availing of our best-in-the-industry services.

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Service
  • Time Allotment for Photo Shoot (Photo Shoot Sessions)
  • Photographers & Make-up Artists for Hire
  • Model Make-up & Styling
  • Professional Model Photography
  • Photo Retouching
  • Portfolio Book
  • Compact Photo Cards
  • Photo Prints
  • Additional Options Available

Let us know your requisites so we can cater to you in a better way.

Getting in Touch With Us

If you’re looking for the best model portfolio photography in Dehradun and across India, then you can reach out to us right away.

We’ll aid you in getting the exact portfolio photoshoot you would have wanted and that which helps to start your career in your dream profession.

Also, feel free to speak with us or e-mail us at if you have any queries and requests, or even give your feedback and suggestions. We would love to hear from you.