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Finding the best instrumental music recording studio for your music can often become quite overwhelming. Not to mention all the hype and misinformation that float around you out there, your choices could possibly range from seeking small studios to large pro studios, where each one claims that we deliver perfect music without having any professional knowledge and experience. So, in the end, you choose the worse for your project and waste your time and money if not get little research about the studio then what would be the most ideal path for you that you seek in your musical career? Plunex Production steps in to help. We have the right team of specialists, sound engineers, and managers to aid you as much as possible throughout your recording sessions, and we’re also there to assist you after the finalization as post-production. The music industry has evolved over time. So we attempt to keep up with the latest trends in order to help newbies. As a leading company in this field, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality instrumental music recording studio services to artists and clients across India. Our services are delivered by a team of highly trained specialists who use top-of-the-line equipment and cutting-edge technologies. All new trends, as well as other issues, are taken care of by us.

Our professionals check all the quality parameters associated with this service and perform the tasks in the best possible manner. We offer this service as per the requirements of our clients and at the most affordable price. If you’re looking for the best studio to record your instrumental music projects, Plunex Studio has all the skills, tools, facilities, and a team that can help enrich your talent and passion for music.

Recorded music means any sound comprised of instrumental music or song, or a combination, produced and generated by an orator, loudspeaker, radio, television, tape, record player, compact disc player, jukebox, or another useful-producing instrument.
We create connections with songs because they are recorded because they are movable and are, therefore, with us in our day-to-day lives. This is how certain songs become the soundtrack to our most visceral adventures, both useful and harmful.

Recording Your Instrumental Music Tracks

At Plunex Studio, our experienced sound engineers do a quality job and satisfy the clients with their innovative music.  Our engineers have a greater impact on the sound and the cost of your recordings than any other variable. So, if you’re looking for an experienced sound engineer with the quality of making fresh tunes on your project which is recording, such as an instrumental track demo, radio ad, TV ad, or releasing your music album, etc., and gaining the popularity in the masses. The best equipment at our studio produces accurate sounds that are good for the right combination of talent and recording so that engineers put in their full effort and skills to make pleasant music.

Have your next instrumental music recorded, mixed, and mastered by our professional sound engineers at Plunex Studio, one of Dehradun’s best music recording studios. Book your recording session with us today!

  • In-House Music Recording Studio
  • Comfortable & Spacious Rooms
  • Several Other Facilities Provided
  • Equipped with Many Musical Instruments, High-End Technology and Proven Team Skills
  • Record, Mix, and Master Instrumental Music Tracks
  • Release-Ready for Major Digital Platforms
  • Affordable Music Recording Sessions
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Why Plunex Studio?

Plunex Studio is our in-house pro studio that offers both aspiring and professional artists and musicians who need facilities, equipments and a team of experts to help create, mix, and master audio/video tracks of any genres and making them ready for release. Our aim is to create high quality music recordings with the combination of the instruments and the powerful voice with all styles of music. Wether you are a ready-to-go band, making demos, looking to produce a finished single song/instrumental track or an entire album, or you are a singer/songwriter who wants ideas, we can help you record, mix, dub, master, and stream right here at our studio. Plunex helps you to create and release your own creation at the affordable price, and our professional make you learn all the in an out of music industry where you can focus on creating great music in a totally comfortable environment. And, of course, at the end of your day with us, you will definitely leave with a great experience of quality recording and the knowledge of some technicality related to the music. We are based in Dehradun and we specialise in the art and entertainment industry. Plunex Studio provides the best services for recording studio, audio recording, sound-trap studio, Jazz ensemble concerts, operas, musical theatre performances, recitals, and more. Our team is composed of professional sound engineers who believe that processing creative sound is a very critical thing in the fields of both music and film-making. Our team is highly experienced and they are very creative people, too.

How Our Instrumental Music Recording Studio Works

At Plunex, we offer instrumental music recording services at an affordable price which includes working with a team of professional sound engineers, instrument players, artists, producer, and determined staff. Our best-in-industry music recording service is perfect for both aspiring and iconic musicians/bands that are looking to create their own original music and release them commercially on various digital and online streaming platforms. We also offer our services to those musicians who already have their own compositions but find it challenging to complete the song or instrumental track. Sometimes, a fresh ear and a few additional production touches are all that is required to push your audio track to completion. Plunex Studio does it best! Our range of services in music recording includes programming, arranging, beat making, music composing, recording vocals, live instruments played, as well as all the technical experience to obtain all the sounds and production needed to take a song/instrumental track from its initial idea to the finish. Our studio is completely equipped with the most up-to-date technology to enable singers/musicians to stay dynamic and in current trends with the newest musical trends. We can also compose music for all genre of musician, including folk, traditional, hip-hop, rap, and so on. We also compose music for television and advertising. We stand out to the expectation of our clients by delivering our excellent services in the music industry.


We have worked with numerous artists and are proud to form long-term clients. Check out our various projects here.



Having a set of impressive equipment alone does not make great recordings. It is, in fact, in the hands of a master engineer that even great equipment becomes an important component of great recordings. Full precision is used while mixing and mastering recordings, which is executed by our studio’s talented and passionate sound engineer Shubh, who gives a touch of perfection to the song/track entirely. Our music recording studio is well worth the investment for any type of audio recording session.


Plunex Studio provides comfortable space and high-tech equipment for recording your songs. Our professional team can assist you with recording your vocals. After the instruments are recorded, it’s your turn to lay down the final vocal tracks. We’ll also provide you necessary instructions on how to record your vocals when you get to this stage. If you’re not an experienced singer, we’ve got you covered as well. We have a variety of vocalists to perform in different styles for both lead and background vocals.


Want to record your instrumental track but you only know to play a single musical instrument and you need more skilled people who can play different instruments for your music? Plunex is no less than a sound-trap studio that will help singers and musicians by collaborating intuitively on your needs. We also have a good selection of experienced singers, songwriters, musicians, and so on.


We help artists create music using pre-existing pieces of music and conceptualize the composition in a fine arrangement, thus, breathing a new life into it and forming a series of tracks. Our audio recording studio is equipped with all the latest essential tools to create word class recording, production, and much more. We are also collaborating with established artists for the fusion of new blood music.


Our list of in-house equipment is as long as it is remarkable. The audio recording deck is handy for modifying one portion without influencing the other, giving you the freedom to record each instrument on its own track. Our musical compositions are original and innovative, with the goal of continuing to work with a new approach to provide effective music for clients and artists with ease. This also aids our professionals and artists in remaining fresh and enjoyable. Our studio is a fully integrated recording facility for sound recording and dubbing with sound designing.


Plunex provides superb studio facilities and recording software on the location. Our professional team helps you to make perfect music or sound for your project. If emerging artists want to collaborate with us with their talent, we welcome them with our open hands. We offer an array of online services such as vocal tuning, mixing, mastering, and music production at a very affordable price. Our professionals specialize in music background so they know the mean of good music so they are advising properly to newcomers as a mentor for music production. 

Our Mission

We aim to promote, encourage, and boost the authentic skills of music in artists. Plunex Studio helps aspiring artists to showcase their skills as well as the extraordinary talents that such individuals want to show to other people around them.

Our Vision

We see in a way that both our present and future generations will come to know, be inspired, and transform better via means of the legacy, art, and unprecedented cultural and social effects that Plunex brings out to all.

Bookings, Packages, and Pricing

Bookings can be availed for recording various types or genres of instrumental music at our in-house Plunex Studio. Our packages are offered at reasonable rates and are affordable for everyone. Avail your instrumental music recording session bookings today!

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