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Rini Chandra is a singer and actress from India. Rini rose to prominence after appearing on Saregamapa Singing Superstar in 2010. Rini has gone on a globe tour, performing in a variety of performances, including shows in India.Rini is signed to Rajasthani label Trouper Records and has previously published ‘Hariya Baag,’ which was a major success, as well as ‘Hariya Baag Part 2. Rini has also appeared on RedFM Idol, 93.1 FM in Canada. In addition to singing, she has been in television shows such as ‘Singhasan Battisi.’

Why Plunex Studio?

Plunex Studio is our in-house pro studio that offers both aspiring and professional artists and musicians the needed facilities, instruments & equipment and a team of experts to help create, mix, and master songs of any genre and making them ready for release.Our studio provides the right team of professionals, sound engineers and managers to assist you throughout your recording sessions and at the end of the day you feel that you take a right decision to joins the hand with Plunex. Plunex recording studio is a premiere audio recording studio and post production facility in Dehradun.Our aim is to create high quality audio recordings that are sympathetic to all styles of music and at any level of development. Whether you are a ready-to-go band, making demos, looking to produce a finished single song or an entire album, or you are a singer/songwriter who wants ideas, we can help you record, mix, dub, master, and stream right here at our studio.
Plunex provides you an affordable, value for money recording service where you can focus on creating great music in a totally comfortable environment. And, lastly you found yourself at better positions with the effective work in affordable price with a superb quality recording of your all your songs.
If you are a singer and are looking for a professional music recording studio in Dehradun location, you should definitely try our Plunex studio. Our studio is fully equipped with all the latest technologies to help singers autotune to the music. We are also capable of composing music for all kinds of artists, whether you are an independent or a band musician. We compose songs for television and ads commercial as well. We help artists make their own cover songs and show their singing talent to a wider audience. We stand out to the expectation of our clients by delivering our excellent services.We are based in Dehradun and we specialise in the art of sound. Plunex Studio provides the best services for recording audio recording studio, sound-trap studio, Jazz ensemble concerts, operas, musical theatre performances, recitals, and more. Our team is composed of professional sound engineers who believe that processing creative sound is a very critical thing in the fields of both music and film-making. Our team is highly experienced and they are very creative persons, too.

How Our Music Production Studio Works

At Plunex, we offer music production services at an affordable price which includes working with a team of professional sound engineers and producer. Our music production service is perfect for new and iconic singer-songwriters, rappers, and artists that are looking to create their own original music for releasing them commercially. We also offer our services to established icons who have already worked in the industry with fame and reputation with the new taste and the combination of music. Sometimes, a fresh ear and some additional production are all that’s required to push your song to completion. Plunex Studio does it best!

Our numerous services include programming, arranging, beat making, music composing, recording vocals, live instruments played, if needed, as well as all the technical experience to obtain all the sounds and production needed to take a song from its initial idea to finish. We have experienced writers too so if anyone makes a carrier in singing and has a fresh voice contact us to make your dream come true.


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