Top 15 Unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Ideas

Pre-wedding photo shoots ideas are most suitable when they picture the essence of the couple to its fullest. To get amazing images of your affectionate moments, explore your interests as a couple and incorporate them into your Photoshoot. And luckily, we live in a world where everything is achievable when it reaches photography. If you are skimming for a calming retreat for a pre-wedding Photoshoot, while not the rush and bustle of the fearless hilltops, then this is the suitable alternative for you. Also, if you are looking for the best destination for pre-wedding photoshoots in Dehradun, Shimla, Mussoorie, or any other dream location Plunex will give you the best ideas. A pre-wedding Photoshoot is a splendid method for couples to get to understand their wedding photographer and become comfortable in front of the camera before their wedding day. Here we have listed 15 pre-wedding photoshoots ideas.

Couple of pre-wedding photoshoot ideas

A pre-wedding shoot idea allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera and lets you build a rapport with your wedding photographer. It also gives you more memories as a couple during this exciting period in your relationship. So, it’s not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended. These Pre-wedding Photoshoots ideas help you understand the outfits according to backgrounds.

1. Vintage Vibe

If you are one of those couples who love classic or vintage looks then this would be one of the best likely themes for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Adding vintage support enhances the personality of the overall look of the pre-wedding Photoshoot. A guitar in the scene would fit satisfactorily. Don’t ignore checking your outfits according to the vintage look. Rely on us, this photoshoot will stand out amongst all others. Vintage and retro vibes have their charm. Holding vintage tones and elements to your pre-wedding Photoshoot doesn’t only bring back old recollections of black and white albums it gives you a love vibe also.

2. Choose the right location

 choose the right place

The finest places aren’t ideal for all pre-wedding Photoshoot sessions. You must select the right place for the couple you’re photoing. For example, if they are nature lovers, you can hold the arrangement session in the park. Rather, if they love partying and city nightlife, you can take photos in an active street with colorful neon lamps or inside a nightclub. Another traditional way to determine the location is to discover a place with an expressive connection – for example, where they met or where they first smooched.

3. Go Filmy

Go Filmy

If you and your partner both are movie buffs, then how almost doing a filmy photoshoot? Why not make your pre-wedding Photoshoot look completely filmy? You can choose one of your favored movies (Bollywood or Hollywood) and then recreate that look for your pre-wedding Photoshoot. this is cool for creating memorable pictures before the wedding. Choose one movie which you like or their scene and act like them. Remember to wear the same matching outfit according to the movie background.

4. The Glory of Architecture for Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot

grandeur pre-wedding photoshoot

Visualize having a grand pre-wedding photoshoot at a royal palatial palace, which would not only offer you beautiful photos but wonderful memories to cherish for life. You can get creative with the architecture and get clicked luxuriously.  It seems to be luxurious Pre-wedding photoshoots. After that, it becomes a memorable time with our partners at a favorite place.

5. Food lover Couples Photoshoots

Food Lover

Are you one of those partners who love trying out new restaurants and cuisines? Or spend your weekend cheerfully watching the Masterchef series or cooking together fresh dishes? Then what are you waiting for? You have to go for this cute cooking hook for your pre-wedding Photoshoot. Acquiring a photoshoot that remembers what you like beyond the standard will surely be a bit extra and a memorable take on your fairy tale.

6.  Goa: Park Hyatt Goa Resort And Spa

goa beach and spa

Park Hyatt Resort Goa Resort and Spa is one of the best destinations for a beach pre-wedding Photoshoot in India. Beautiful, Stunning, and refreshingly unrealistic, this 5-star hotel in Goa carries out the tropical love that every couple so strongly feels here. Unnecessary to say, the pictures are drop-dead romantic. The beach location of this location makes the pictures look like postcards that creating it one of the finest places for pre-wedding Photoshoots in India.

7. Agra: Taj Mahal

tajmahal prewedding shoot

What better place for a pre-wedding Photoshoot in India, than the most famous symbol of love – the Taj Mahal? Yes, for couples who trust that their love will last forever and more, this white marble memorial and its grand lawns offer an attractive background to your pre-wedding memories. Built by a husband for his wifey, what could be a better setting other than one of the seven splendors of the world?

8.  Make a shot list

make a sort list

You can make a list as primary or as detailed as you want. You can have some sample images to show the shots you want to get – this is also helpful to use our clients in how they should pose. There exist multiple shot lists that you can download for wedding photographers online as a starting point.  You can utilize it according to your style and choice. Also, keep in mind that some couples can make specific requests from the recommendations they found online or a photo they saw on your website – so create sure you certain this into the shot list.

9. Posing is key

Couple pose

Posing individuals is one of the most complex parts of every picture, and pre-wedding photography is no abnormality. Having a list of pre-wedding photo poses is helpful for photographers and couples. The couple looking at the horizon is a must in a pre-wedding photoshoot. You can do many variations where they are sitting down or standing, next to each different, or one of them hugging the additional from behind, etc. The opinion is that they are both skimming away from the camera and into the future that expects them jointly– this shot displays love and desire.

10. Pre-wedding Photoshoot with furry Buddies

Pic with Dog

Pets are indeed an essential piece of your household and your life as well. Then why not make them a part of your pre-wedding photographs and improve the cuteness quotient? It would be a pleasure to catch your chemistry with your pet. This pre-wedding Photoshoot idea will be appreciated by all animal lovers. animals can participate in romantic love is unknown. But there is some evidence that they are capable of experiencing the same range of emotions as we can. 

11. Under the Stars

under the sky

A perfect backdrop for a romantic evening would be gazing at the stars in the company of your partner. How about having a rooftop dinner and getting a pre-wedding photoshoot done as well? They found night places for outdoor pre-wedding photoshoots for couples.  If you want photoshoots at the night with Moon, then you’ll require a clear night sky with little to no moisture or wetness. 

12. Tell Your Story Through Your Photos

Tell your story

You can show your voyage as a couple, recreating their favorite points or delving into their dreams. Get little props that support the story, or ask the couple to bring something that has importance in their relationship. You can show your memorable time which you have spent with each other through photoshoots. You can make a collage with your creative pre-wedding photoshoot photographs.

13.  Fitness Lover Photoshoot

Fitness Lover

Fitness Lover Photoshoots is for those who love gym or exercise on regular basis. It’s important for everybody for maintaining their body. The body achieves what the mind believes. Once you are exercising regularly, the toughest thing is to stop it. If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll possibly have to make time for illness.

14. The Simple Portrait

black and white

The simple portrait is an effortless poses photos. A couple of pre-wedding photoshoots are also in Black and White. It shows us realistic photographs. This lovely view of simple black and white images in a studio displays the imagination of the photographer. Giving them this high fashion photo shoot for their pre-wedding album represented their genuine love for each other through the feeling in their eyes. We love this and feel this is the best way to start this list. 

15.  The Secret Love Pictures

Growing up with stories like Pride and Prejudice to the Twilight, we see the couple almost most comfortable when they are in a forest or garden away from the public eye. This pretty picture lives out the dream that those romance novels have etched into our souls. You can make a plan for a picnic romantic pre-wedding photoshoot. If we inform you that your pre-wedding Photoshoot will keep your private picnic breeze the fresh aura of trees and flowers, will you opt for such a marvelous great? It will provide both of you with an opportunity to spend some quality time with each other.


Pre-wedding Photoshoots are an excellent option for partners to enjoy some attractive moments with their partners. For some partners, it might mean recreating their favorite movie song, for others it’s almost capturing raw, timeless moments. We have handpicked some great views and articles which will cause your pre-w wedding photos to stand out. A picture speaks a thousand words. Your pre-wedding photoshoot describes exactly how you feel regarding each other. A wedding is a time to share your love with your family and companions. With these ideas, you and your fiance choice be the most desired partners in town.


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