Plunex Weddings offers a variety of wedding planning services to fit your individual needs. We tailor the process for our full-service wedding planning to each and every couple. See your dream wedding come to life! Book your wedding plans with Plunex Weddings.

Steps to Planning the Perfect

Planning and executive a perfect wedding is a strenuous job. But our Wedding specialists have the proficiency, experience & expertise that results in unmitigated elegance, innovation, and sophisticated wedding planning and execution.


Setting Your Wedding Budget


Creating a wedding master plan


Arranging florist, photographer, band, DJs etc


Arranging for necessary wedding supplies


Plan the guest experience


Send off wedding invitations


Monitoring all wedding-day activities


Helping to plan and book your honeymoon



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We provide a multitude of wedding planning services ranging from full wedding and event planning & design to venue consulting.


Flowers speak the beauty, freshness, and pleasantness on every occasion, specially if it’s a wedding celebration.

No matter what venue or event you have thought of, our professional artists can give a creative touch with floral design and décor, so they look very presentable and complement your event or celebration. We’ll also customise and personalise flower arrangements and planters that help create a natural ambience to the environment and surroundings around you.


Photos are great memories and a must-have moment for every occasion.

Get premium and budget photographers for any occasion. They are available in all categories, including traditional, candid, drone and pre-wedding photography. Our professional photographers and videographers make it happen with their skills in applying angles, poses, backdrops, effects, clarity, and using state-of-the-art technology.


Find the best restaurants, caterers, chefs, and cooks for your wedding, birthday, parties, or other occasion. There are ample choices which you can select as per your needs and taste.

As event planners, we make it easy for you by reducing the running around time and letting you focus on the main event without any worry. And, since we are always up-to-date with the latest decor style, themes, and catering fads, we can really assist you in making your special day a unique and memorable one.


When your or your dear one’s wedding bells are ringing, a lovely sweet cake would indeed make the moment a lot happier!

Give the best treat to the wedding couple with a sweet wedding cake décor and a lovely message of love on it. You will get to choose from wide varieties of cake décor, or let our experts do it for you, in which you can add personal messages, too. Our wedding cake artists come up with wedding cake floral designs which look absolutely breath-taking. The floral designer wedding cakes for the newly-wed couple are simply impressive and enhances all the joy of the celebration.


Let your relatives, friends, colleagues, and well-wishers know about your wedding day with a designed wedding invitation card.

Out professional designers offer hundreds of wedding invitation card design templates to choose from. Customised designs with the ease of digital ordering. We offer services and quality that rival that of high-end, bespoke stationery, at a fraction of the cost. No matter whether you want to go entirely digital or simply design your paper wedding invitation cards, we offer anything and everything you could want. Share your requests with our designers to get exactly the way you want it.


Honeymoon for the newly-wed couple is all about spending quality time together and with a selection of magnificent places that enhance their romantic mood.

We partner with travel agencies that offer a wide variety of tours, which are budget-friendly and attractive for your honeymoon trip. They are known for providing reliable travel services, including car rental, hotel booking, etc. With our partners, we aim to give you the best honeymoon trip of your life as a couple, or for your loved one’s honeymoon trip, by letting you enjoy your dream holiday, and without any stress or delays.


We, at Plunex Weddings, take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as an event management company based in Dehradun (Uttarakhand). We enrich your happiness by offering a plethora of services for every wonderful occasion and memories to cherish. We have a proven experience in offering services in strategic corporate events, birthday parties, wedding and pre-wedding planning, fashion and modelling events, theme-based events, other events, venue decorations, photography, catering, experiential marketing, luxury event consultation and many more.

Plunex Weddings is one of the leading event organisers in the city. Our aim is to organise events with a primary motive of cost minimisation for our clients, yet making sure that all the requirements are met with precision and creative prospects. We strive to cater to the needs in every aspect of event management services, innovation, and with a higher impact and inclusive approach.

“ I am so glad to have been a small part of your unique wedding ”

Your Wedding Specialist

The wedding planner team of plunex weddings could not have been more perfect! The day of activities went smooth and totally to our plan. I would 10/10 recommend Plunex Weddings to every new Dehradun bride!

We were looking for some innovative wedding ideas, and luckily we found plunex weddings in last ditch attempt to save our wedding dreams. Our wedding event was super adorable thanks to their unique ideas.

We truly would not have been able to pull off our wedding without the helpful team of Plunex Weddings. They offer every possible support you may need in successfully completing any Indian wedding.