Top 16 Best Wedding Destination in India

Explore the best wedding destination in India. If you want to get more inquiries about which place is suitable for your wedding, this article will surely help you a lot. Here in this blog, we have mentioned the top 16  places for a destination wedding in India. We understand finding a place for a destination wedding is a really hard task to find a good or memorable place for weddings. Destination Weddings in India have become so frequent and sought-later. India has all of it to complete your marriage ceremony an amazing event with the best locations & wedding photography experience. The beach or the palaces, the peaks or the forts are some of the top destinations in India for a destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Locations In India- Explore Now

Destination weddings in India are forming trends in trendy times. We include details of the most awe-inspiring wedding destinations in India. The destinations down will leave you love-struck and bring you a step closer to the Indian destination weddings.

 1. Kerala- God Own Country

Shimla wedding

Kerala Wedding

Kerala is for those who desire one of those quiet and dramatic traditions instead of opting for a huge and jam-crowded event. This ultimate delicate and fascinating destination holds an appeal for being a perfect wedding venue. The concept of a destination wedding in Kerala is not so appealing to many people. Yet, the nice climate of the condition creates it one of the most acceptable places for destination weddings in India. Located along the banks of a lake or palm-fringed river, Kerala features a numeral of resorts traditionally organizing memorable weddings. Leela in Kovalam and Varkala are the major panoramic spots for a beach wedding. Kerala is soft and friendly in nature. Kerala is an affordable destination for weddings in India.

Best time of the year to host a wedding in Kerala:-  (Sep to March)

2. Shimla Stunning Ambiance

Shimla wedding destination

The splendid Himalayas nuzzle up to this pleasant traditional and contemporary city. It’s better like getting married between the hills or taking an extraordinary leap by preparing ceremonies in forest guest places or camps by the river. Shimla is one of the famous summer wedding destinations in India which offers a friendly atmosphere, nice weather, and snow-covered hills. There are numerous resorts situated at this ‘Queen of hills, which gives all-around services for a stress-free wedding ceremony.

Best time of the year to host a wedding in Shimla:- (In Nov or Dec)

3. Goa – Partying Hard

Goa wedding destination

Goa wedding destination

Accepting married in Goa is like a dream come true for all couples. An excellent mix of blue skies, leafy greens, and deep wetness, Goa tops everyone’s checklist when it arrives at beach wedding places in India. When talking about getting married by the sea, there’s no way you can’t think about marrying your particular someone in Goa. It is such a mixed bag of clean beaches, breathtaking sunsets, historical churches, beautiful resorts, and verdant forests that you can have various pictures for your pre-wedding shoot. You can also debauch in Goa’s party vibe by organizing the Haldi and mehndi celebrations by the pool, rain dances in the middle of the sea, or an endless night of cocktails on the beach.

 Considerable right time of the year to host a wedding in Goa:- (All year)

4. Gujarat – Royal Rituals

Gujarat wedding destination

Gujarat wedding destination

Gujarat is usually the ground for princesses because of its wealthy civilization and gift. For individuals who are preparing for a regal wedding, this state is always one of the favored places. It has a lot of majestic forts and lavish wedding venues around it which shows a colorful and superb location to tie the knot in the numerous regal method. Gujarat is the best place for a wedding destination. It has big halls for weddings and good decoration materials.

5. Udaipur – Venice Of The East

Udaipur wedding destination

Udaipur wedding destination

Udaipur is for all destinations in India that are known to be ideal for weddings, Udaipur always reaches out on top, and for good reason. Its apparent blue skies, glorious palaces, and sensational lakes make the most splendid setting for a regal ceremony. Rest assured, your wedding pictures will turn out to be awesome colorful, and emotional! An advantage is your visitors will have a lot to do once the festivities are over, from going on sightseeing tours to giving way to thrilling activities like boating on Pichola Lake.

Best time of the year to host a wedding in Udaipur——– (September to February.)

 6. Mussoorie – Astounding Vistas

Mussoorie wedding destination

Mussoorie wedding destination

Selecting a beautiful wedding tradition ritual in the peaks Well, Mussoorie surely has the right proper backdrop for a setting wedding. Beautiful tree-covered hills, the surreal view of the sun setting against the Himalayas, the clear transparency, the cool breeze, and the bright stars at night – everything about Mussoorie has a great romantic air to it. You can even arrive before your D-Day and get some heavenly pictures clicked in the new surroundings of the hill station. Mussoorie is the most suitable place all over India.  

Most suitable time of the year to host a wedding in Mussoorie: Early April to July.

7. Gurugram- Millennium City

Gurugram wedding destination

Gurugram wedding destination

Planning of having a Destination Wedding Venue in Gurugram. Then you are going to love the venue that we provide you at Best Western Resort Country Club. As a world-class resort, we offer you excellent destination wedding solutions that can help you to have the ideal wedding that you always wanted. This makes Best Western Resort Country Club the finest goal Wedding in Gurgaon, Manesar. Gurugram Manesar has many banquet halls or wedding places and resorts with good environments or facilities. 

8. Jodhpur- Blue City

Jhodhpur wedding destination

Jodhpur wedding destination

The “Blue City” of Jodhpur is house to several graceful palaces, magnificent forts, and breathtaking temples and provides a picture-perfect and awe-inspiring setting for a kingly wedding. The chronological wonder, delicate art-crafts, and folk music create the atmosphere of the city actualistic and energetic. For your fairytale wedding in India, it is an excellent site to get married royally. Experience the charm of the ancient era of Rajasthan and take the oath of lifetime togetherness. Some of the best wedding platforms in Jodhpur are Umaid Bhawan Palace, Balsamand Lake, The Taj Hari Mahal, and Ajit Bhawan, which are known for exemplifying the local flavors and culture of the state. 

9. Hyderabad- City of Pearls

Hyderabad destination

Hyderabad wedding destination

Apprehended as the “Pearl City”, Hyderabad is a residence of thousand glorious miles that ignite everyone’s perspective in a moment. With a lot of recorded monuments, lakes, and palaces, Hyderabad is also a meal lover’s paradise. It is one of the best locations for destination weddings under 20 lakhs.

Best Time: Hyderabad as a city has a nice climate but for a wedding, October onwards would be the best time for celebrations.

Places to visit: Charminar, Golconda Fort, Hussain Sagar

Tips: There are multiple venues to select from at Taj Falaknuma but for a brilliant festivity and if your guest list is as royal as your budget, then choose select lawns which carry accommodation of 2000 visitors. 

 10. Amritsar – Frankly Punjabi

Amritsar wedding destination

Amritsar wedding destination

Located in the heart of Punjab, Amritsar is also known as one of the numerous pristine cities in India. The city is also home to the world-famous Golden Temple which also forms one of the best sites for weddings. This metropolis is also considered one of the offbeat wedding venues in India. Amritsar is the best unique destination wedding location in India. It provides you with affordable costs for planning everything in the destination. We have natural scenes for the pre-wedding shoots for couples.

Best Pick: A symbol of equivalency and brotherhood, Golden Temple embodies the culture and heritage of the Sikhs. Amritsar is also famous for the Golden Temple for devotees.

Tips: Make sure you protect your head with a scarf or handkerchief before entering the premises of the temple. Smoking is exactly prohibited inside or near the gurdwara. Also, photography is allowed only in the extreme regions of the temple.

11. Jaipur- Chomu Place

jaipur wedding destination

Jaipur wedding destination

A lovely boutique heritage large haveli twisted into a resort. It is approximately an hour away (or 35 km) from the disturbing traffic of Jaipur. It has been a host of many Bollywood movies and web presentations like Aarya starring Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. It is also a platform for multiple destination weddings every wedding season so booking early is a must. Jaipur has multiple nature backgrounds for pre-wedding shoots in India. Let us look at some other relevant details including the price if you are preparing a wedding at Chomu Palace.

  • Number of rooms: 72
  • Reach 35 km from Jaipur. Well joined by Jaipur Airport and Jaipur-Delhi Expressway.
  • Guests capacity:  up to 300
  • Approx Chomu places Jaipur price:  Rs.35 Lacs for 200 Visitors and paying guests.

12. Agra – City Of Love

Agra wedding destination

Agra wedding destination

Your marriage can be nowhere more awesome than Agra – a location that is known for being home to the memorial of love. Taj Mahal represents an evergreen image of love. Along with the wealthy Mughal culture, Agra presents a pristine atmosphere all around at your wedding. It is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous wedding goals in India. Under the dark blanket of sparkling stars at the night and with a collection of Mughal cuisines, your day becomes wonderful knowledge. Agra city has many love backgrounds for couples for pre-wedding shoots.

13. Jaisalmer- Golden City of India 

Jaisalmer wedding destination

Jaisalmer wedding destination

Bring romantic with the unusualness and royal grandeur of the city and plan a lovely wedding in the Golden City of India. Jaisalmer is an ideal excellent venue with lots of forts and palaces. The city creates an utterly magical and brilliant radiant of royal Rajasthan. Full of the greatest built mansions, the city creates a beautiful world of golden dreams in Rajasthan for a memorable wedding. Jaisalmer has a good background in photoshoots in India. This is the golden city for couples’ photoshoots.  

14. Bikaner – home of desert camels.

Bikaner wedding destination

Bikaner wedding destination

Preserving medieval glamour as the hallmark of the city, Bikaner brings multiple great opportunities to appreciate the royal wedding in Rajasthan. It features numerous spots where the chorus wedding can be enjoyed. You might remember Sidhwani’s daughter’s wedding in the film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. The wedding mark was the Lalgarh Palace of Bikaner. There are several gorgeous architectures in Bikaner where an excellent goal wedding can be planned. Bikaner is the place for couples’ photoshoots in India. It is the home of desert camels in India.

15. Rishikesh Spiritual Start

Rishikesh wedding destination

Rishikesh wedding destination

The looks of Rishikesh are expressed by spirituality and peace. If you want to make your wedding offbeat and stands out, it is an excellent destination wedding location. The mesmeric views of mountains and the bank of qualify allow you to have a divine and serene experience. Vedic obscenity and swear of your lifetime togetherness can turn this place into sacred heaven. Rishikesh has started gaining popularity these days for swapping vows due to destination includes having become very trendy. Rishikesh is the best natural place for photoshoots in India. It is a mountaineer area with a close friendly environment.

16. Neemrana Fort – Just A Stone Throw Away From Delhi

Neemrana fort wedding destination

This antique fort around Delhi is perfect for a photo shoot owing to its imposing and impressive architecture and the shock-and-awe impact that many locations don’t boast. The Neemrana Fort Palace has become very popular over the years as a weekend out from Delhi to bring about a royal and glorious nuptial ceremony and offer the bride and the groom some treasured adoration. This location in India is perfect or a Destination wedding to be memorable. Neemrana Fort is a royal or grand place for wedding photoshoots in India.


Wedding season is about to come and it is one of the luckiest and most encouraging occasions in everyone’s life. The day doesn’t repeat in anyone’s life and the only thing that you are left with is the sweet memory of this wonderful day. In the future, couples miss every ritual of this day. So, it becomes essential to make this possible as happening as possible. It is declared that marriages are created in paradise but are arranged on earth. Particularly in India, weddings are organized with lots of preparations and no rock is left gone to make it more special. 

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