India’s Best Wedding Destination & Their Prices- Wedding Planners Guide

Love, Laugh, and cheerfully ever after, Weddings are a new chapter in everyone’s life. The bride and groom are super delighted regarding their special day. Some goal of securing the knot out from the rush and bustle of the city public. This is where a destination wedding location hits on their mentality. Every couple plans a perfect wedding venue and destination wedding locations to fulfill their imaginations of a fairytale wedding. The wedding backgrounds serve as the setting backdrop for your fairytale wedding.

There is an overload of places where you can have the best wedding destination in India. You can choose any wedding place in India as per your budget. The best wedding destination cost in India depends on the location. Display your special days filled with ideas views, mind-boggling entertainment, and scrumptious food-this is what comes to your mind when you think of destination marriage. We offer all the wedding-related solutions such as wedding card design service, decoration & others for you here at Plunex Weddings.  Destination Wedding in India includes become so frequent and sought-after. So, whether you love the beach or the palaces, the mountains or the forts, India has all of it to make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable event. Below is a list of ten wonderful sites for a Destination Wedding in India.

Best Places for Destination Wedding in India

If your wedding bells have already started to ring, don’t destroy any more time and manage a luxurious wedding at one of these wedding venues in India to enjoy the duration of your life. Here’s a list of India’s wonderful wedding destinations:

1. Goa – Partying Hard


Suppose your favorite escape turns into your location for a destination wedding. Prepare your destination Indian wedding at half the price that you spend in the city. The destination wedding price of a Goan wedding will cost a minimum of 3 Lakhs with a live band. Beachside weddings are excellent for the start of your new chapter of life.

2. Nasik- Wine Capital of India


A place that is manicured with a greek-style theater and gourmet food and wine could be your destination wedding location.  Nasik can be thought of as one of the cheap destination weddings. The waterfalls, hills, and temples make the spot unrealistic. With green vineyards and an open-air amphitheater against the backdrop of mountains, Sula Vineyards can create magical moments to cherish forever.

3. Jodhpur- Padharo Mahare Des


Rajasthan has multiple beautiful destination wedding places. People love to get married in Umaid Bhavan which is located on the hilltop. Some other venue options are Ranbaka Palace, the Ajit Bhawan, or the fantastic Mehrangarh Fort. Speaking about the destination wedding cost, for a grand wedding, you require to shell out between 30-50 Lakhs. For a budgeted one, you can have yours under 10-15 lakhs.

4. Jim Corbett- The Book Of Nature


Surrounded by peaceful hills and trees on all sides, Jim Corbett is the perfect location for a destination Indian wedding. Situated in Uttarakhand, this beautiful national park will provide you with lush greenery. Forest weddings are a trend and the destination wedding cost for 200 guests will be approximately 15 Lakhs minus the travel costs. Wedding destination cost in Jim Corbett is very high it’s above 15 lakh or above also.

5. Rajasthan- Land of Kings


You won’t notice a better profitable destination for a fairytale wedding than Jaipur or Jodhpur, both of which are found in Rajasthan. The magnificent backdrop for your wedding photos will be the stone-carved borders and marvelous pillars. If you select a budget-friendly yet equally regal setting, you may easily plan your low-budget wedding at this amazing place for under 10 – 15 lakhs. Nevertheless, there are great resorts and palaces too like Umaid Haveli in Jaipur or Umaid Bhawan in Jodhpur that you can opt for. But then your wedding budget will land between 30 – 50 Lakhs. 

6.  Kashmir- Incredible Natural Beauty


For partners who love mountains, lakes, and valleys, Kashmir is heaven on earth. The different culture, food, hospitality, and genuine environment make it a perfect destination in India for a low-budget wedding. With the beautiful local winter plants and flowers, you can save tons on your low-budget Indian wedding decoration if you plan to get married in Kashmir. Depending on the hotel you choose, you could expect to pay anywhere between Rs. 8-15 lakh. Not only this for traveling, but you can also opt for rental car benefits and save yourself from all the bother. 

7. Alibaug- Alichi Bagh


This scenic coastal village in Maharashtra is a great grand to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Alibaug has it all: forts, temples, and beaches. You can picture your low-budget wedding on a beautiful sandy golden coast by orchards of coconut trees in this beautiful respite from the city. Wedding packages in Alibaug range between Rs. 10-18 lakh, depending on the guest list number and the dates of the event.

8.  Kovalam- The land of tropical dreams


This beautiful setting is correct for you and your guests if you’re seeking a venue that can deliver some truly amazing hospitality. Yes, you heard right, this city is the epitome of divine magnificence. With the crystal clear lakes and the plush greenery, this place leaves no stones unturned to make your ideal destination wedding come true. With a guest list of 200 people, a low-budget wedding in Kovalam will cost you roughly Rs. 8 – 15 lakhs. Travel costs are not included. 

9. Udaipur- Venice of the East


Get married like a kingly in one of the magnificent palace systems in reflective Udaipur surrounded by lakes. Weddings in Udaipur, a city understood for its hospitality and multi-cuisine lunchrooms, are sure to be an amazing affair. It is the perfect destination for couples who want to honor their love surrounded by Indian customs, history, and culture, making it one of the most famous wedding destinations in the country. Affordable hotels and wedding packets for around 100 guests would price anywhere between 12-15 lakh, while luxury resorts can cost upwards of Rs. 30 lakhs.

10. Neemrana Fort- Just A Stone Throw Away From Delhi

Neemrana Fort

Found only 100 kilometers from Delhi, Neemrana Fort in Rajasthan shows the great architecture and a royal stage for your wedding. The fort offers you classical dancers, performers, and food, along with multiple terraces and gardens to hold your pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. Due to its exclusive place, Neemrana Fort is one of the more expensive venue platforms. For a wedding of around 100 guests, you should wish to shell out anywhere between Rs. 20-25 lakh.


Wedding season is about to come and it is one of the most fortunate and most auspicious occasions in everyone’s life. The day doesn’t duplicate in anyone’s life and the only thing that you are left with is the sweet memory of this wonderful day. In the future, couples miss every practice of this day. So, it becomes essential to make this possible as happening as possible. It is declared that marriages are designed in paradise but are placed on earth. Especially in India, weddings are arranged with lots of preparations and no rock is left gone to make it more special. You can choose the wedding destination cost as per your budget.

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