Indian Wedding Outfits For Bride and Groom

Weddings are also like a festival in India. Everyone loves to dance and get married on the joyous days of celebrations. From dresses to hair and makeup, jewelry to footwear, everything has to be on point when it comes to an Indian designer wedding outfit. An Indian wedding outfit is all about rituals and culture. The wedding dress holds a personal and also a priority position in an Indian wedding. It is also a part of our culture how the bride and groom get dressed. Different states of India represent different Indian outfits and cultures of bride and groom. Choosing the best dress for a wedding is an exciting but not easy task. A wedding can be the most memorable for you if you wear the best costumes that hold the hearts of the guests and especially of your partner. There are various varieties and designs available on the market. We’re here to help you to choose the best designer dress that suits you for your wedding. Visit us and get the best that is only made for you. We have the varieties to give you fabulous options to choose your best one. Get the latest, trendy, and the one that suits your personality from us. Everybody wants to make their wedding moments worth looking back to. That’s the reason many people hire the best wedding event management service to make their occasion memorable.

Trending Outfit Ideas for Groom in Wedding 

Best or stylish outfits for men in summer weddings. We recommend branded and quality outfits. We have listed here the top or latest design.

1. Color Riot

Color Riot

We love this multi-colored Anarkali that we stained. This can be such a playful choice for your sangeet night. The clear precision with small mirrors is something to adore. These wedding outfits give better looks to looks the groom. These color riot dresses give you the perfect wedding style. 

2. Nehru jacket paired with trousers

Nehru jacket paired with trousers

The Nehru jacket is back in fashion when it comes to treating Indian weddings. The beauty of the Nehru jacket is you can get that Indian ethnic look just by wearing this half sleeves jacket. Furthermore, it would go well even with jeans but if it matches it with a kurta pajama then you are bound to get some compliments. These jackets paired with trousers give a great look to the person.

3.  BandhGala suit

BandhGala suit

Bandh gala (standard closed neck) suits are considerably in fashion these days and no surprise at all since they look amazing on an Indian groom. In Indian groom outfits you h, you’ve got so many options but the gala band is every green and traditional. Pairing white with the darkest of shades creates a particularly masculine and powerful vibe. This groom has paired a well-tailored straight sherwani jacket in a very dark maroon to wine color with simple straight white trousers, a white turban, and just a mala.

4. Peaches and Golds

Peaches and Golds

Suited for royalty, this exquisite beautiful dream Indian groom dress is for most men. The peach-toned jacket stands are decorated with gold thread work and zardozi work. The collar, shoulders, etc are embellished. The inner flared kurta is in a matte gold tone with bright gold horizontal zigzag patterns. The tussar stole has an elaborate border. It is paired with warm gold-toned churidar bases and black shoes with a gold motif.

5. Black Double-Breasted Suit 

Black Double-Breasted Suit 

Double Breasted Suit the black double-breasted suit is created of wool and features extended sleeves, two-button closure, and a spread collar in the jacket, as nicely as a zip, pass with button closure, and belt circles in the pants.  Changing the fabric from the omnipresent wool to something more striking like mohair or less stuffy like linen, relying on the desired attitude, is another feasible alternative to your everyday two-piece skiagram, well as the temperature.

6. Royal Pantsuit Outfit

Black Double-Breasted Suit 

The royal pantsuit is the latest or trending outfit for men. Most of the men wear these outfits in different styles and manners. Royal Pantsuit looks like a groom. It’s a demandable thing for men. It consists of many of the latest designs or innovative designs for men. We can wear it anytime and at any season of weddings. It always goes in trending.

7. Chikankari Green Kurta

Chikankari Green Kurta

Complicated threadwork on pastel kurtas can elegant up your wedding look in seconds. That’s precisely what this artful chikankari kurta will do for you. This chikankari green Kurti looks awesome at the wedding. We can wear it in different ways like pants or jeans. It also goes in trending outfits or has different designs. Summer wedding outfits for men. It always goes trending.

8. Stylish bandhgala

Stylish bandhgala

If you are looking for stylish marriage dresses for men, then this dapper bandhgala with printed trousers and matching safa is just excellent for you. Choose a pair of Jodhpuri shoes to complete the look. It gives you legends look at weddings. It makes your personality highly attractive to the person. 

9. Traditional gold and maroon wedding dress 

Traditional gold and maroon wedding dress for men

Maroon and gold are a traditional combination. If you are not too particular regarding your wedding look and want to stick to a traditional style then such kinds of wedding dresses for men are perfect for you. It gives you a gorgeous look at weddings. It has many innovative designs for weddings. This is the best look and color style of Kurti pajama for a groom.

10. Classic red sherwani

Classic red sherwani

If you are a gentleman of classic taste and want something easy yet classic for your wedding, then this red and ivory sherwani is just the right pick for you. Teaming it with a matching safa and dupatta makes it look like the perfect wedding dress for men. 

Branded Outfit Ideas for Bride in Wedding

Best Indian women’s outfit for a wedding. Latest or trending innovative design. When it comes to selecting outfits for women, the latest is always aiming for that one outfit that captures their attraction at first glance. Women always want attractive clothes for weddings. 

1. Off-White Lehenga


Most Indian marriages feature bridal lehenga in red, pink, and orange colors. Over time, customs rules control as has the mindset of the people at individuals’ weddings. Therefore, we are witnessing an expansion in brides opting to wear white lehengas for their weddings. They may seem strange, but white bridal lehengas have the most charming and engaging. The white color represents stability and gives a gorgeous look.

2. Choose a Sassy Saree

Choose a Sassy Saree

Sarees create elegance in an Indian woman. Over the years, we have chosen sarees for weddings, parties, and many other memorable occasions. However, the designers keep coming up with updated saree latest every year. Even this year, there are some cool, sassy saree trends that you can wear to a or another event.

3. Ivory Lehenga For Bride

bride lehnga

The groom donned himself in an ivory sherwani with a golden dupatta. It perfectly complements the bride’s red lehenga with golden detailing. Pair with some accessories and you are good to go. Ivory and Golden dress are nice or latest design dresses that go in trending. A wedding is perfect if we wear good clothes. At most weddings, we want t look attractive and have a charming personality. 

4. Banarsi lehenga gown for the bride’s


Examining an off-beat and fuss-free lehenga option to twin with your sister on her Wedding -day. These Banarasi lehenga gowns come to your rescue. This sister-duo sported these oh-so-gorgeous Banarasi lehenga gowns and we can’t get enough of these. It’s a completely offbeat and refreshing choice if you are prepared to do away with all the exact-old lehengas.

5. Punjabi Style Wedding Dress

Punjabi Style Wedding Dress

Punjabi people are mostly understood for a lavish style of weddings such as their wedding outfits. The couple’s ethnic wear for our Punjabi wedding is sherwani, turban, and Katar for the groom and lehenga with the ideal combination of red Chura for the bride. Most soon-to-be-married couples choose this wedding dress style for their wedding. Wedding dresses should be trendy, stylish, or attractive.

6. Dazzle up With Chicken Kari


A blend of traditional and modern design, her highly embellished ensemble became a point in the town. It raised the much-underrated Chikan work to an entirely new level of fame, showcasing its vast fashion potential. Whether it had been a stroke of genius or a masterpiece, the outfit was perfect for Chikan’s work. This Chikankari work gives a more attractive look to your wedding Indian dresses.

7. Peplum Choli + Palazzos

Peplum Choli + Palazzos

We love how classy this wedding costume is. A well-fitted peplum choli is a very positive option, and a pair of flowy palazzos are the perfect complement to this elegant top. The color mixtures should be fine and beautiful, with or without heavy needlework. Go for a dewy look and bold red lips.

8. Tiered Sharara

Tiered Sharara

Shararas is one of my absolute favorite ethnic trends, simply because of how comfy and stylish a fabulous work can be. It’s also versatile and sufficient to be paired with just about any kind of top, from a fusion cropped strappy blouse to a peplum Kurti.

9. Long Kurta Choli

Long Kurta Choli

Ditch the routine cholis & go for long kurtas rather. They look just as fancy as those elegant blouse designs. Long Kurta Choli is also glamorous personality weddings look outfits for women. We can wear any style of long kurta choli as pr color we like most. We can wear this long kurta choli with a diamond necklace, matching earrings, and a dainty maang tikka. This outfit is most suitable for brides at weddings.

10. Polka Dots Long skirt with Crop Top

Polka Dots Long skirt with Crop Top

This new-age white aggravated blouse paired up with a polka dot skirt will seal the deal for your Haldi ceremony. It is rich and so uniquely prepared. You too can pair it up with some clumpy rusty jewels say a decorated choker or chand Bali and some smooth & dewy makeup. Indian Wedding Outfits are very common and some latest designs are going on trend.


Attending Indian weddings as a Guest is usually fun to attend. You get to decorate up in your Indian attires, you get to satisfy many old friends or relatives and you also get to eat a lot of good food. Each state has its uniqueness through it’s its tradition, rituals, or other phenomena. especially once we talk about the wedding style, all of them are different yet attractive as per their cuisines, rituals, and undoubtedly attire. Wedding dresses are always the middle of attraction for the couple going to get married. Gorgeous ceremonies and buzzing receptions are a blast, they are unlimitedly more fun when you don’t have to spend all of your time stressing about what you are going to wear.

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